Facebook pixel How to measure the effectiveness of your ad on Facebook

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Advertising on Facebook has great advantages for the digital marketing strategy of our business, the tool is powerful and among many options, the most important thing is that it clearly defines the objective to be achieved with the campaign, which is ideal to determine the effectiveness of it, and most importantly, to know if the money invested has had its reward:

In this article we will see step by step how to optimize an ad to know if it is, or not, generating the expected results: conversions to the website (that the user who saw the ad is performing the action: visit a page of the site web, subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to the event or course, etc.)

But first we must know:

What is the Facebook pixel and how to configure it correctly?

The facebook pixel is a code that allows you to measure the actions that your public from the advertisement on Facebook is doing on the web, the code is invisible to users and is generated for each advertising account, but not for every advertisement you make likeĀ https://unfairmario.online

Advantages of using the Facebook pixel

Measure: the importance of measuring is to have control of what is happening with our investments, the pixel of Facebook gives you the information the traffic that goes to your website.

Outsource the service: if you work with a digital marketing agency you can share the code, thus avoiding the generation of a second pixel and you can continue with the monitoring of your conversions.

It is important to be clear that the pixel measures everything, both the organic visits and those generated by clicks on the ad.

Parts of the Facebook pixel

The code base: is the code that is placed on each page of the website where conversions are going to be generated, this is automatically generated.

The code of the standard event: represents the different types of action that users intend to perform when they are on the website, this is the only part of the code that is personalized, there are 9 different types of events (see content, add to cart, etc) to choose the most appropriate according to the chosen objective.

While programming an ad for one of our clients (by the way if you are Colombian and you live abroad MeQuieroPensionar is a great alternative for you to start planning your future and save for your pension in Colombia, visit their website and learn more about the theme www .mequieropensionar.com;)) I decided to do a step by step in case at some point I was not there and someone from the team had to make an announcement; then I thought … the best thing is that whoever needs it, can have it on hand to use it.


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