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If you often download files from the Internet and, most importantly, several at once, you should have a download manager. It can help you keep your queue of downloads in order and organize them later to find them more easily and classify them. And it is that you need it is the Internet Download Manager software .

Faster downloads without installing anything

But this download manager goes beyond the simple organization of the same. In fact, IDM, its short name, has features and features that increase the download speed . No doubt an application that offers a quick and convenient method of administering files downloaded from the Internet. And all without having to make complex configurations or having to install plugins.

Main Features

This is one of the best and most complete online download managers, thanks to all the following features:

  • Compatible with the main browsers : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Avant Browser, Opera … the application integrates its workflow with these browsers, among others.
  • One-click Downloads : IDM can take download links that you click, regardless of their protocol (HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS).
  • Antivirus Security Control : Access only secure downloads with automatic control that detects malicious content such as viruses, trojans, and other malware.
  • System drag and drop : Drag and drop the customer the link to download.
  • Spider & grabber : compatible with filters to download any specific content of a site like images and other elements. You can also program a site scanner to download the changes produced.
  • Proxy server compatible: Compatible with FTP proxy servers and Microsoft ISA.
  • Ability to establish multiple simultaneous downloads .
  • Organization of downloads by categories .
  • Acceleration of downloads : it is able to accelerate the download up to 5 times its speed among file segmentation.
  • Restart interrupted or incomplete downloads.
  • Programmer : the software has a tool to program all sorts of downloads that allows you to turn off the computer when finished or to operate only at a specific time.
  • Integrated Advanced Navigation : This active option can detect application downloads.
  • Customizable interface : the software can show the buttons that interest you in the order you prefer. In addition, it has skins to change its appearance.
  • Support for authentication : it is compatible with different authentication protocols so that you can download links from sites that require a password.
  • Download Limits : Determining the amount of data to download in a time interval.
  • Included tool for previewing ZIP files.

Do not doubt anymore and do not waste time with your downloads: get more speed and better organization.

The full version of the application has all these features and some more concrete, small details that enrich the user experience. It must be considered as one of the best download managers for Windows PC and for this reason searches of users are increasing to use also versions in APK format for Android and even on Mac.

Which download manager is better?

We can dare to say that this one is the best of all. It is considered the best software and is more complete than some competitors like JDownloader , a competent application but does not have all the possibilities and options of IDM.

Versions such as 6.21, 6.25 or 6.26 have been the most popular among users. In fact, each had several buildsthat incorporated different improvements on these same versions.

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